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WIP Teaset :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 3 3 Mural WIP :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 1 2
A Letter 10
Dear Poppop,
It’s been a long time since I wrote you last. I feel like such an adult now… Though I know I am far from it. My hands look more like your hands now: worked, dry, and with slightly larger knuckles.
People keep asking me things like where I got cuts and where my bruises came from. It only reminds me that somewhere in their hearts they worry I self-harm. Or at least that’s what I want to think. They may just be curious and not really worry about that at all. When they ask, it reminds me at least. I don’t even trust myself… not fully.
Part of me wants to yell at you now. Because Christmas time is so hard without you. This will be our third without you… That’s the worst part. Without you. I still miss the sound of your oxygen tank and how you’d always have your handkerchief in your pocket. I miss that stupid wheelchair I would sit in while you would talk to me from your rocking chair. You were always good at telling stories. I
:iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 1 0
It isn’t just that you are my sister,
It isn’t just that you are trying to replace our mother with some whore,
Someone who, in my mind, doesn’t even respect herself,
It isn’t just that your voice is so high pitched and annoying,
It isn’t just that you don’t listen to a single word I say,
Ignoring my wisdom and knowledge,
It isn’t just that you take my stuff without asking or ruin my plans,
It isn’t just that you are an outright bitch and spoiled,
It isn’t just that you are selfish and a liar,
Telling everyone around you tall tales,
It isn’t just that you smell horribly,
It isn’t just that you make messes around the house,
It isn’t just that you don’t do the things you are told to,
It isn’t just that you get more attention than I do,
Despite the fact that I am clearly the better child,
It isn’t just that you hate me,
It isn’t just that you talk badly about me while I can hear you,
It isn
:iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 1 0
Mature content
How has my art changed? :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 4 9
Mature content
Bitter Sweet :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 5 0
John Watson: Army Doctor :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 4 3
A Letter 9
I haven’t written in a long time. Partially because I am realizing that no matter how many letters I write to you, no matter how many hours I spend working towards trying to make a connection, you will never write back.
You will never call me again.
You will never tell me to straighten up and fly right.
Or blow your nose. Or tie your shoes. Or have dinner with Nana again...
You are gone and you are never coming back no matter how hard I wish you would.
It is because of that fact that I wish I had spent more time with you. I knew what was coming. I knew you wanted to get to know me more. I know I should have. But I didn’t want to see you like that… I didn’t want to see you weakening every day. I didn’t want to miss you even more. I separated myself from you and no matter what I do or say I can never fix that.
But can you blame me?
I never thought it would be anyone but you to walk me down the aisle. I never thought anyone but you would be there for
:iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 2 0
Rose Bushes3 :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 3 0 Rose Bushes2 :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 4 0 Rose Bushes1 :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 4 1 Bee pants :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 2 1 Soul food :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 0 4
Merlin-Joe ((Best story I have ever helped write))
Ah, the beautiful castle of the sea, only spoken about by Miss Annabelle Lee.
This beautiful place was once owned by lovely Lady Jessiline. Lady Jessiline was once so ill that she decided that she would pass on this beautiful fortress, to her niece Amelia.
That night when the letter was sent to Amelia the she had inherited this wonderful place, the kind and gentle Jessiline died while she slept.
Amelia shocked at the news, packed in a hurry, pulling her younger sister Cathlien into the carriage behind her. When she reached the castle by the sea she found her beloved aunt to be as dead as Miss Annabelle Lee.
Shock, terror, pain, sorrow all struck like lightning. So Miss Amelia and Cathlien stayed in the castle by the sea.
So now I, Merlin-Joe, must speak this story of this castle by the sea. It's a sad and romantic tale I tell, you see, this story of two sisters that live in the castle by the sea.
Near this castle lived a man, a man who was the prince of the fairies, who would prance ar
:iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 0 1
Like this every day
“Wake up, we are leaving.” He growled. I blinked up at him. Lights… they blurred everything. I shook my head.
“Where are we going?” I asked; he shook his head.
“I can’t tell you: I don’t even know.” He replied, quick with every word. I nodded slowly. I was used to this… I stood slowly, packing my things as he watched me.
“How drunk did I get last night?” I asked him, trying to make conversation.
“Very.” He answered, it was clear he didn’t want to talk. He bit the inside of his cheek, frowning at me.
“Do we have time for breakfast?” I asked.
“No.” I sighed at this. a
“Alright…” I whispered. I just wanted something normal… Something my mother hoped I would have… But I didn’t. I lived with him… I was constantly getting drunk… Constantly on a blur of drugs too… He would beat me and then have his way with me… Y
:iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 1 0
Curls :iconsessyf1uffyism1n3l0l:sessyf1uffyism1n3l0l 4 13


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I recently have been thinking more on what to do during my upcoming free time in college.
Of course playing video games is on that list, but what bout you guys?
My loyal fans?
I don't know... Maybe Selene... I really am missing my characters right now and think I will need them in the near future.

IF you want to see anything in particular, feel free to message me. 

Lots of love,


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